An Armful of Rabies

My Toronto Star article on avian flu was published yesterday morning, and so far no true experts have emailed to complain, so I guess I did okay. You can read the article here.

I’ve not yet mentioned that in the month of April I will be travelling to London, Paris and… UGANDA! I will be in the company of my good friend and smartphone guru Andrew Currie, while imposing on the hospitality of one Sue Kelly. In preparation for the trip, I went and got my vaccinations today. Now, I travel a lot, so I tend to always have an armful of exotic antibodies, but it’s always fun to get new ones. Today I got shots for meningitis and rabies. Sweet…. but expensive!

Nojjy Boy sends us this NY Times article about the biggest tax cheat in US history. The money quote is the very last sentence of the article.

Meanwhile, Guyana is still flooded. An epidemic of leptospirosis is unsurprisingly underway. I received an email this morning from CSIH informing me that CIDA is issuing emergency funds for a short-term project to alleviate flood-based suffering in Guyana; we have until March 11 to get our proposal together. But an hour later, a subsequent email informed me that CIDA had shelved that plan and that another will be forthcoming. While I’m pleased that CIDA is stepping up to provide huminatarian aid to my birth country, and that I was called on to contribute my expertise, I am a bit concerned that the administration of this aid appears to be muddled, based upon the stop-and-go content of the emails. I hope this doesn’t end up being yet another story of well intentioned foreign aid ending up stultfied by bureaucratic paralysis.

I’m back to watching TV again. It was an enjoyable vacation from boobtubery, but all vacations must come to an end. Last night I really enjoyed the most recent installment of Lost, what I consider to be the finest television show today. I can’t say enough good things about this show. The acting is acceptable, casting appropriate, setting entrancing, characters fascinating and the story…. well, the story is the thing. Every episode could easily be expanded into a full two hour movie or award-winning short story, that’s how tight the writing is. My only concern is that the show might suffer from X-Files disease: you know, when the writers are generous with the mystery and intrigue but really have no idea what’s going on.