My Complicated Life

Further to my last post, Evan Solomon’s people have not got back to me after my confession that I’m not a true avian flu expert. Oh well, just so they know: I’m really cute on camera 😉

However, CanWest Global CHCH TV didn’t seem to care that I don’t do direct research on avian flu, and so I will be taping an interview with them Monday morning. Not sure of the broadcast date. It’s not necessarily a national audience, so I feel a little more comfortable doing it.

Meanwhile, much to my horror, my sitar instructor has convinced me to take part in tonight’s recital (610 Cumberland, Ottawa, 8pm) even though I’ve had exactly one lesson with a sitar. That’ll be me in the back playing three notes over and over. Come on out just for that visual!

Since Andrew Currie has shared his recent chat room faux pas with the world, I’ve decided to share a parallel experience. Ever been contacted by an automated pornbot on MSN or Yahoo! messenger? The following transcript is from when a pornbot recently tried to get me to sign up for her naughty pictures. It was fairly obvious early on that it was an AI (artificial intelligence), but I still had some fun:

howdee_there_handsome: ok im back. sorry bout that.. still there?
me: yep
howdee_there_handsome: ohh your there 🙂 hi…
me: how you doing? nice pics.
howdee_there_handsome: i have some pics on my homepage the link is in my profile, 🙂 still working oh it …
me: so i’ve noticed. this one is my favourite
howdee_there_handsome: aa/s/l (age sex location)?
howdee_there_handsome: :))
me: 37/m/canada
howdee_there_handsome: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.
me: are you in california?
howdee_there_handsome: so what have you been up zo me?
me: packing for a trip.
howdee_there_handsome: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv. i was getting kinda horny 🙂 (*blushes)
me: I see. What’s your name?
howdee_there_handsome: all my personal info is on my eeb page, the link is in my profile.
me: OK. i will look at it.
howdee_there_handsome: feel like a little cyber fin with me ? please please…
me: Unfortunately, I have to continue packing. So I can’t chat right now.
howdee_there_handsome: alright 🙂 how bout i get down on my knees in front of you and help you out of your pants?
howdee_there_handsome: tell me what you wantt me to do with you while i slip out of my panties
me: that would be nice. but I really have to o pack now. perhaps later.
howdee_there_handsome: oh yeah babe.. dont stop. while i slide my hand down betweenn my legs and part my moist lips
me: I see. Are you an automated program?
howdee_there_handsome: oh it feels so good. Im holding your pulsing cock in my hand, my shiny red fingernails dig gently into your balls, while my full, soft lips engulf the mass oof your meat
me: Wow, you’re one horny artificial intelligence!
howdee_there_handsome: open my website so you can look at me while im sucking yoou. use the link in my profile!
me: Oh you vixen you. You vain temptress, siren of the web. Shall I continue, O Automaton?
howdee_there_handsome: what do youthink of my pics?
me: I think they’re…. plaid.
howdee_there_handsome: shit the phonne. dont stop stroking it. hold on…
me: Plaid doesn’t bother you, huh? I think they’re morose…. no, insipid…. how about torpid?
howdee_there_handsome: sorry, I have to take this call, probly take bout five minutes. If you want, come to my page and lets finish this. I have my cam on there ccyberfungirls dot com look for me on there
me: riiiiight. ok, eGirl, I’ll see you there. Wink wink… Now look elsewhere while I run away.

Not as clever as other AI chatters, like SmarterChild, but fun for about 90 seconds or so.