Nature Adores Miscegenation

Women are just as violent to their spouses as men, and women are almost three times more likely to initiate violence in a relationship, according to a new Canadian study that deals a blow to the image of the male as the traditional domestic aggressor.” –Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science

Just so you know.

While we’re in an iconoclastic mode, here’s a story about a necrophiliac gay duck. Mallards are known for their sexual aggression and, like some other waterfowl, aslo for their propsensity for forced copulation. Homosexual animal stories are popping up everywhere these days as evidence of the naturalness of homosexuality. And I concur: homosexual behaviour, for the most part, appears to be innate, not learned, and is therefore “natural” for those who practice it.

But I’m going to get controversial on your asses and bring up a topic that is almost never discussed outside of biology classes: the “naturalness” of rape. You see, everything that every living creature does —everything— is ultimately geared toward either propagating or sustaining its genes. Sexual infidelities are ultimately driven by an unconscious (or often conscious) need to procreate; and even animals who abandon or kill their own young typically do so to give greater survival advantage to the offspring that remain. In the animal kingdom, forced copulation –what we would call sexual violence– is an effective means to achieve gene propagation for those animals (typically males) who are otherwise unable to convince another (typically female) to be a willing receptacle of their seed; those damned ducks sure get awaywith it often enough. It may offend us morally, but those damned little genes don’t care about our sensibilities.

Of course there’re going to be some illiterate trolls out there who will misread this post and conclude that I’m a supporter of rape. To them I say: learn to read.

What this might mean for human society is that no amount of public education, male sensitivity programmes or tougher laws is going to eliminate rape. According to mainstream biological theory, the gene pool requires that there will always be a handful of individuals driven to this compulsion, in order that genetic drift and transfer continue to be unstructured and as random as possible; nature adores miscegenation and diversity.

Mind you, our genes have yet to figure out that we invented birth control some time ago.