Unsimulated Oral Sex! I Bet That Got Your Attention

From Charley Reese, the wisest curmudgeon south of the border:

“…The only prevailing morality in the country is greed. Greed has corrupted politics, law, science, medicine, education and even the church.

Greed is not the exclusive vice of the rich. The poor are greedy, too; they are just less competent. Every time we choose to buy a cheaper product from a multinational corporation rather than a product from a local merchant, it is because of greed and stupidity. It is greed because we would rather save a few dollars than support a fellow member of our community. It is stupid because the multinational corporation sucks money out of a community and therefore contributes to its impoverishment. It is greed that allows people to be lured by advertising into spending themselves into debt. It is greed that is making health care unaffordable even for the most prudent.

It is greed when we vote for the man who promises tax cuts even though we should know that reducing government revenues while demanding more government services is a formula for ultimate bankruptcy. It is greed when we covet another people’s resources and resort to force and subversion rather than fair trade to get them. Greed corrupts, pollutes, impoverishes and kills.”

And greed is undeniably linked to moral corruption of another kind. Tales of US military abuse against Iraqis continue to compile. The latest is a revelation that children as young as 11 were held by the Americans at Abu Ghraib. Go ahead, spineless conservative lurkers, defend that! The money quote, attributed to Major General Wodjakowski: “I don’t care if we’re holding 15,000 innocent civilians. We’re winning the war.” Yeah right. Winning. Are only retards allowed to become Generals in the US military?

Courtesy of Neil H., here’s another in the regular mindless US conservative attacks against Canada. Really now, there’s a lot to criticize Canada about, but this guy misses all the salient points.

As we jump back and forth on this blog between politics, health issues, literature, reality TV and the fascinating minutiae of my life, let us segue yet again to another vital topic: unsimulated sex in movies! At long last, this link will allow you to view the unsimulated oral sex scene between Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny, from the movie The Brown Bunny, which was once heralded as the worst film ever shown at Cannes. Enjoy, my droogies, enjoy.

I leave you with this cartoon, courtesy of the ex-girlfriend’s sister: