Back In Canada

You know, this was my very first trip after which I did not actually look forward to coming home. Uganda was fascinating and charming, but I actually regret not spending more time in Europe. My pace, sense of style and aesthetic found a home there. Zoom airlines will be introducing cheap flights between Toronto and Cardiff in the Fall, so maybe I’ll be spending more time there soon.

We got back to London Friday night and revelled in drinkable tap water and dust-free clothes, though the sudden increase in pricing (relative to Uganda) was sobering. Hence I remained sober. And yesterday afternoon I finally returned to Canada. Right now I’m on a VIA train to Ottawa, and will upload photos once I regain access to my sweet, sweet electronic toys.

As most of you know, I’m a fairly experiened traveller, and several of my journeys have lasted many months. Yet this comparatively petite journey of 3 weeks feels like it has lasted months, and I think it’s because each and every day was packed with activities from the break of dawn to the wee hours of the evening. In a word: overstimulation.

Okay, the undergrads in front of me are having the most annoyingly banal conversation, so I need to end this entry and retreat unto sweet, sweet unconciousness. Later.