I’m Not The Only One Who Can’t Drive

Sorry for the lack of depth on this blog of late. I can only plead fatigue so often, but it’s true! What with a new job, transcontinental travel, issues in my romantic life, a freakin’ high school reunion and the greater realization of the ever accelerating receding hairline, it’s a miracle I find the emotional energy to use the toilet!

So bear with me for a while, will you?

Now here is the story of a man named Jesus Christ who can’t get a driver’s licence. I’m sure there’s a joke here, but for the life of me I can’t think of it. Feel free to add one in the comments below.

This is an excellent site called Faces Of Meth. Simply move your cursor across each face to see how each person looked after meth abuse. Problem is that the first chick actually looks better after a few months of drug abuse.

The Wikipedia entry for “irony” should include this story: a student sues his school after being disciplined for cheating on his ethics exam. Ha!

Meanwhile Darth Vadum sends us the Libertarian Purity Test. Much to my horror, I scored 35.