Pin The Tail On The Jack-Ass… North Korean Style

The Asian Heritage Month literary event last night was by all accounts a great success. Many thanks to the organizers (particularly John and Ismail) , to the Ottawa Public library, to Octopus Books, to the six other authors and, of course, to the many audience members. I took some boring photos, but I don’t think anyone wants to see them. It was a particularly moving evening as accomplished poet Asoka Weerasinghe broke into tears while reciting a poem about tsunami-affected Sri Lanka, his home; and even I had trouble keeping it together as I dedicated my reading of “Nataraj”, in my opinion the finest story I’ve ever written, to the memory of Sue Jane.

My next scheduled public appearance will be Friday June 4 at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, where I will present the results of our recent study of post-traumatic stress disorder among Sri Lankan children affected by the tsunami.

So let’s lighten the mood by looking at a game that North Korean kids play. See, this is why the Asian educational system is kicking our asses!

And remember that UK memo I mentioned earlier, the one that confirms that the Bushies were manufacturing a reason to go to war with Iraq? You can read the actual document here.

Until tomorrow, I leave you with a request from the CBC:

Until next Thursday, CBC Ottawa will be inviting people to send in
photos to a contest called “Seeing Asia in Ottawa”. It’s a way to celebrate
Asian Heritage Month, and we’re looking to receive photos from people
of all ages, with a range of photography experience.

I hope you can mention this contest, or forward the details below, to
anyone who would have fun taking an Asian-inspired photograph.

Thanks very much,

Kate Porter
associate producer, CBC Radio Ottawa