Post Reunion

Sunday afternoon and about to head back to Ottawa. Am blogging from the Toronto subway after a very sweet conversation with my ageing parents on Mother’s Day. Time to return to my selfish bachelor life in the nation’s boring old capital.

The NSS high school reunion was fantastic, a lot more fun than I had any right to expect. There were several people who did not come because, I’m told, they weren’t proud of their current station in life. I really wish they had come. At such events it’s the quiet people you miss the most, the ones whose stories were never well known, and who are likely more interesting than the extroverted blowhards (like me) who thrive at these things. You quiet people know who you are. Feel free to email me to catch up.

Admittedly, it was a tad uncomfortable being in the extreme minority of unmarried childless grads. But that’s life, folks, as is being propositioned by creepy old retired teachers. Eww.

There’s a particular photo I will share with you once I return to my computer, and with it a tale of supreme pointless geekistry. Dave K., you should pay particular attention.

I will relate one telling anecdote, however. It seems a girl I had a crush on back in the day actually thought back then that I was gay. Me, Captain Heterosexual. Must have been the leg warmers and my Streisand collection. That and the whole creepy teacher proposition thing.