The Reunion

Here I am at the post-party of my high school reunion at the Unicorn pub: live blogging just to piss off the growing anti-blog crowd. oh you know who you are. Let me allow some of the attendees to have their say:

John Roxburgh: if only we had this technology 20 years ago in high school, we’d have had a head start in pissing people off.

Cary Shafir: the truest thing are said in jest.

Cher Anne Nash: people are people. after 20 years everyone is happily the same.

Ray: that’s not necessarily a good thing, Cher Anne.

Jennifer McKeen: hi mom and dad!

Shirley Hunt: Simon Houpt pissed me off.

Rufus Glasgow: Holy fucking shit!

Dave Cranmer.: I don’t recognize anybody!

Wendy Sniderman: how fucking surreal!

Stephen Couchman: to the zoo and step on it!

John Young: that guy is still a loser!

Here’s a pic of Rufus and Shirley: