Bad Wolves and Nazis

Well the season finale to the new Doctor Who aired a few days ago. Feh.


After a lot of build-up all we got was a standard cop-out deus-ex-machina ending. The “Bad Wolf” references that had cropped up all season were supposed to culminate in the revealing of a titanic baddie. But no, it was just the Doctor’s sidekick Rose sending herself messages from the future. You’d think a simple post-it note left in the right place would have sufficed. These people are the masters of time and space, after all! I say again: feh.

Eccleston was a good Doctor, however. Let’s hope the new one, David Tennant, is up to the task


Saw Batman Begins last night. I’m in agreement with most of the fanboy hype: it’s a pretty good movie. Christian Bale could beat Michael Keaton’s ass with Bale’s cowl pulled over his face. But he’s goofy looking; too pale, too bulky. And the fight scenes, while among the most realistic of any superhero movie, were filmed too tightly. Oh well, it’s just a dumb movie.

It has been brought to my attention that I’ve been overusing “Nazi” comparisons of late. I don’t think so. It’s just that much of the attitude and actions of the current US administration closely resemble that of the Nazis. From Goebbels’s fear-based propaganda, perpetual war, mindless patriotism, the discrediting of dissenters rather than of their ideas, a cowardly little leader acting tough with other people’s lives, an unspoken but evident war against a specific ethnic group, the monitoring of citizens’ activities and curtailment of civil rights, the cultivation of a victimized national identity, the raising of a truly miniscule foe to the status of all-pervasive enemy, the “we can do no wrong” mentality, the embracing of tactics the rest of the world deems immoral, the use of totalitarian iconography and, of course, to the reliance upon military might to solve diplomatic crises all point to one thing: the Nazification of the current US government.

Speaking of Nazis, one reader who shall remain nameless told me that he was hesitant to post a time-stamped comment to this blog while at work because his boss regularly googles employees’ names. Where do we live and what era is it? I am left woozy with this information.