Flame On!

Unsurprisingly, the remaining Nixon hard-liners are whining about the “treachery” of Mark Felt, aka Deepthroat. This was a baaad time for Felt to come forward, since the USA is back in the Nixon mindset, with an imperial President free to do what he wants and smear whom he wants.

This is interesting. Remember how one of the 2004 US federal election issues was whether there was too much medical malpractice litigation? The right-wing argument was that such litigation was driving up doctors’ insurance premiums and thus increasing the overall cost of health care. Bullshit, of course. This study suggests that the true reason for rising insurance premiums is in fact poor investments on the part of insurance companies. There may in fact be too many medical lawsuits, but that’s a vital right in a free society because it means the truly screwed have recourse. So don’t let some corporate apologist talk you into blaming the wronged consumer for the high price of medical care. The real culprits, as always, are the arrogant investment bankers. (I welcome the flame war that is no doubt brewing.)