Why has no one been commenting on this blog in the past few days? Have my entries become so banal? Or is it the smarmy new profile photo that turns you away? I feel so rejected! Sniff!

Maybe this’ll bring y’all back. My cousin Ajay sends us this blog that we sort of enjoy, mostly because the writer talks about poop a lot.

No? Then how about news that Bill Maher is at it again. Maher, of course, lost his TV show after he dared suggest that terrorists are not cowardly. (They’re not, by the way.) And now the blowhards are on him again because he had the nerve to say (about army recruitment), “We’ve done picked all the low-lying Lynndie England fruit, and now we need warm bodies.” Ay ay ay.

For those of you eager to remain current in today’s fast changing world of coolness and language, I give you the online ebonics tutorial. Word!

Meanwhile it seems the next Survivor will be filmed among the Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. Long time Deonandites will note that I and my family have spent much time among those ruins (photos here and here). It ain’t that remote or stressful. The hardest thing will eb warding off the jaguars and lugging water. Pisses me off, though, that a TV show will be shot at a World Heritage Site for non-educational purposes. Still, you know I’ll be watching.

Check this out. It’s a computer reconstruction of what King Tut probably looked like! Looks like somebody’s prison bitch.

Darth Vadum sends us this film about how George Bush gets his speeches.

And finally someone (mind you, it’s Ralph Nader) puts forward a structure for impeaching the imbecile George Bush!