In Harm’s Way

The right wing apologists bristle every time a comparison is made between Bush II and the Nazis. Let them bristle; the comparison is apt, from the empty uber-patriotic dialectic to the Goebbel-esque manufactured state of fear. And now we get this fascistic PSA, seen on the MARC train from Baltimore to DC:


What more needs to be said? Reminds me of an official sign I saw on the highway in Boston last year: “Do you know if your neighbour’s gun is locked?” And another highway sign I saw on the Washington beltway 2 years ago: “Report drievrs’ suspicious behaviour to homeland security!” The Orwellian mood and iconography are so prevalent that they’re no longer even noticed.

Any Star Trek fans out there? Well, I used to be one; not so much anymore, ever since the evil duo of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga started disassembling Roddenberry’s utopian vision a decade ago. There’s a series of fan-produced shows available for free download at The shows take place during Captain Kirk’s 4th year of his original 5 year mission. The production value is simply incredible– better than the original series. The acting is wooden, of course, and sometimes sinks to laughable. But if you can get past that, you might just enjoy what they offer. If you really know your Trek lore and trivia (and you must, to really appreciate what these people have done) then the second episode, titled “In Harm’s Way”, is a genuine Star Trek tour de force. I’d even say it’s better than the last two Star Trek movies. So take a chance and download an episode. Hey, it’s free.