Wacky News

Got a lot to talk about today. Let’s begin…

  • This from Rotten.com. This guy (check out the photo) was let into the US by immigration officials, despite carrying a bloody chainsaw. He later killed someone. Meanwhile, this guy was not. Can you spot the difference? Remind me again how racial profiling is supposed to make Americans safer.
  • Part and parcel of pervasive systemic racism and Muslim hatred in the USA is the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. As (hopefully) everyone knows by now, the invasion was planned and intended months or years before it happened. The whole ultimatum to Saddam thing was a farce. Now there’s evidence that the actual war started months before it was truly declared. These bastards are liars and murderers, plain and simple.
  • And yet why has no one but Ralph Nader suggested impeaching the criminal Bush regime? They have murdered innocents and lied to the public and continue to spill blood and treasure for no good reason. Bush’s approval rating is now 20 points below that of Clinton when he was impeached. What does it take?
  • Despite clear evidence that systemic racism exists in America, I’m still not a fan of affirmative action when it comes to college admissions. I think it once served a purpose when certain groups were being intentionally barred from higher education. But, as someone who works within the academic sphere, I have not seen sign of such overt barriers. Now this study shows that affirmative action in America “works”, i.e. it does promote larger numbers of certain ethnic groups in US colleges than would have otherwise been seen. But it strikes me as an accomplishment at the expense of merit. Interesting, too, that the study says that without affirmative action, almost all college positions would be taken by Asian students. I tells ya, it’s a brown and yellow world. Insert toilet humour here.
  • Here’s an, um, “innovative” idea: vaginal teeth. The idea is to provide a clamping device within the vagina to bite back rapists. Stupid, stupid, idea. This is not prevention; it’s escalation. If a violent man is already raping you and suddenly his willy gets injured, what’s he going to do? Run away? No, he’s going to beat you to a bloody pulp. And eventually he’s going to learn to switch orifices.
  • This story is about a man who is prosecuted under Texas’s fetal protection law for deliberately causing his girlfriend’s miscarriage, even though she wanted him to do it. She, on the other hand, cannot be prosecuted because she has a legal right to abortion. So let’s get this straight: it’s legal for her to have an abortion but not for someone to give her one, even with her consent? How’s that for an end-run around Roe vs Wade?