What the Fudge

“The problem with normal sex is that it leads to
kissing and pretty soon you’ve got to talk to them.”

By “normal sex” the author is referring to the variety that does not involve the exchange of funds. Hey, I didn’t write it.

So there’s now a website dedicated to the scholarly analysis of science fiction. Well, why not? Regular readers will recall that I have some experience in this matter. I suspect, though, that the site will devolve into a series of Batman movie reviews.

OK, here’s a sad story about how international pimps use superstition to keep their ho’s in line. This is very low and disgusting behaviour, of course. However, it does suggest the question of when it is appropriate to intervene when someone has made choices based on their own religious beliefs. The Nigerian women in the story continue in a life of prostitution because they believe that if they don’t, a Voodoo ritual will necessitate the deaths of their parents. How does one rationalize an intervention on libertarian grounds? See what I’m getting at? If a Jehova’s Witness wishes to die rather than get a blood transfusion, I say that’s his right. How are these two religious choices different?

Sorry if I’m not being my (supposedly) eloquent self today. I had too much sugar yesterday and am still woozy. Mmmmm…..fudge.