And Why Are They So Stupid?

  • Thanks to Brother Hrab for forwarding this article which debunks the myth of the “liberal media” with satirical panache.
  • The same source pointed me to this blog entry which discusses a fascinating story of how a Korean woman who let her dog poop on the subway got publicly shamed over the internet. The fascinating part is the way the blogger and some others have responded, saying things like, “I would have just cleaned up the mess without saying anything.” Yeah, turn the other cheek and let my dog shit on it.
  • Brother Hrab was on a roll this week with another interesting forward. This article discusses how British men are remaining bachelors longer than the previous generation. No shit, Sherlock. It ain’t just a British thing. Most of my friends didn’t settle down until their late 30s, and some of us are still single.
  • Take this quiz to determine your “ecological footprint.” I scored 14.6, which is way above what my regional average is. This is not a good thing. Supposedly. I’m sure the Right wingnuts will pipe up to say otherwise.
  • My cousin Ajay sends us this addictive game thingy. You drag and guide the bikini-clad woman through floating balls of cyberstuff.
  • Science Magazine has published its top 125 unanswered scientific questions. They left out, “Why are Right wingers so bloody stupid?”
  • Meanwhile, a reporter acquaintance who recently returned from Iraq emailed me to say that one of her dark-skinned colleagues in Baghdad was just “shot in the head by a U.S. soldier Friday. It was his day off, and he was apparently driving too close to a convoy of tanks.”So just remember that when the monkey President tells you how great things are going in Iraq. An American can shoot a reporter to death and there are no repercussions. That to me is not “great”, but rather tyrranical.