Androids and Algerian Adages

You know, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff saved up to write about today, but it’s all at home and I’m at the office right now. Oh well…

  • This is cool. Japanese scientists have built a human-looking android that can fool people for a significant period of time. While the android is neat looking, you can’t help but conclude that the people it fooled were, um, retarded.
  • Good news from Ireland: the provisional IRA (which is, for all intents and purposes, the actual IRA) has announced that it is abandoning violence. While this is a good thing, one can’t help but conclude two things: the Irish Catholic minority will be the majority in a generation or two, so they will win regardless; and the current world opinion about terrorists and terrorisms has probably got the IRA traditionalists a little scared right now that Blair (like Putin in Chechnya) will use the Global War on Terror as an excuse to enact even more extreme military practices on Irish soil. I suppose in this one example at least the Bush doctrine has paid dividends by frightening a terror group into submission
  • So scientists have concluded that taking a woman to the movies is more effective a seduction strategy than buying her expensive shit. Well duh. Any experienced dater knows that the kind of woman who prefers the latter will string you out for an eternity with no fringe benefits forthcoming. Reminds me of a wise adage told me by an Algerian friend:

The woman who costs you the most is rarely the one you actually paid for.