The Lowest Form Of White Man

You know you’re rushed and groggy in the morning when, instead of shaving cream, you lather your face with toothpaste. Hey, at least my skin smells fresh and minty!

There are some who view this blog and its content as ammunition in their America-hating ways. Let me be clear about something: I do not hate America or Americans. (Besides, the whole “hate” dialectic is so stupidly simplistic only a Bush-supporter would consider using such terminology!) Rather, I have some serious problems with the way American governments have chosen to project power around the world. Indeed, the USA is without a doubt the most important nation on Earth in the past 100 years. They have produced many, if not most, of the last century’s greatest thinkers, artists and innovators. So, in that spirit, let me congratulate my American neighbours on their 229th national birthday.

As an example of Americans’ pioneering scientific work, my cousin Ajay sends us this story about the discovery of a new type of matter at MIT!

Sorry to rain on your celebratory parade, Americans, but it seems the EU’s new fighter plane just kicked some yankee tail.

I’d like to plug Freakgirl (not in that way, pervs) for having plugged my books on her website. Good on ya, Freakgirl!

Wanna see something really gay? (And I use that term “not in the homophobic sense, but rather in the sense that it is best suited for gaylords.”) Look here. It’s the title sequence to the failed Dr Who spinoff, K9 & Company. You have to listen to the audio.

Look who’s finally got a blog! It’s none other than occasional visitor and accomplished journalist Rondi Adamson! Rondi is off to Israel and the Palestinian territories for 2 weeks this month, so let’s hope she keeps her head down and can control any cravings for bacon.

Speaking of Rondi, she recently published this article in The Toronto Star on her take on the Downing Street memo. Of course, I object to much of what she says, but now is not the time to rebut. You all feel free to, however.

And in celebration of the 4th of July (which was, um, yesterday) and the nominal home state of the current monkey President of those United States, I close with this quote from Robert Duvall’s character in the movie Geronimo: An American Legend (1993):

“…Texans: the lowest form of white man there is. “