Some Good Ol’ Bush Bashing

“The problem is that the Americans have no vision and
no clear policy on how to go about in Iraq.”
-IRAQ’S former interim prime minister Iyad Allawi

Do recall that Allawi was the darling of the pro-war Bush blowjob set. Here’s a lovely rant from someone else’s blog:

“Bush has already undermined this country and weakened it with his lies, his tax cuts for the rich, his huge deficit, his policies of environmental destruction, his anti-science policies, his religious bullshit, his eviscerating of the Bill of Rights, the Piece’o-shit Act, his attempts to destroy Social Security, his attempts to destroy the middle class, his criminal and incompetent wars, his advocation of torture, his incredibly divisive politics that attempts to portray 1/2 of America as traitors, and his plutocracy, his kleptocracy, his theocracy, his corpocracy, his kakistocracy. Now this worst president ever, in charge of the worst group of criminals and incompetents ever, gets to put one of his own on the Supreme Court to shift the balance of power away from middle of the road moderation and toward wingnut insanity.”

And here’s a scary story about employers monitoring the blogging activities of potential employees. Listen, what I write here has no bearing on my employers, unless I mention them by name…. which I hope I have not done yet! I wonder what wil happen when the first court challenge is made by someone denied employment because of the opinions he espoused online. Free speech indeed…. unless you actually want to, you know, eat.

Now this is hilarious. A fellow decided to visit one of the denizens of extreme wingnut thought, a forum called “Freerepublic”, and ask why Bush has not yet captured Osama bin Laden. You have to read the full exchange to appreciate the nuttiness of that crowd. His conclusion is priceless:

“Well, there you have it: Failure to capture bin Laden is acceptable because capturing him would be really, really hard. Besides, it would only make matters worse. In fact, anyone who wants bin Laden captured is a stinking lefty.”

Lest I leave you with levity, Brother Hrab –always one with the light news (!)– sends us this scary analysis of BushCo’s intentions for the Middle East. The CIA analyst author believes that Syria and Iran will soon be targeted for military action, and damn the long term consequences. I can certainly see them going after Syria (perhaps using Israel as a proxy). But war with Iran, as much as the Republicans have been thirsting for it for decades, is a baaaad idea. How much you want to bet a couple of mobile nukes haven’t made their way from the Soviet frontier or from Pakistan into the Persian arsenal? Iran is no broken down, demoralized patsy like Iraq.

Just my 2 cents. (1.64 cents in US currency.)