Whole Lotta Crap

OK, let’s get to it…

  • Since I’m probably already on Thomas Friedman’s “list” (see yesterday’s post), no harm in pointing you toward this. It’s a link to download a rap video. But it’s not any rap video. This one is called “Dirty Kuffar” by a British outfit calling themselves “Sheikh Terra”…. and they are pro terrorist! If the link doesn’t work, I wouldn’t be surprised. The video pops up on websites across the internet, then disappears again.For the CSIS/FBI/RCMP agents reading this, let me declare without reservation that I do not support the attitudes or exhortations expressed in the video! Quite to the contrary, any appeals to violence disgust me. I point you, my dear reader, to the video because it is simply fascinating; jihadists using the medium of their enemy –rap music– to further their agenda. That is, of course, assuming that these bozos are serious and not just some silly kids trying to get a rise out of people. Warning: it’s a pretty catchy tune.
  • So India has joined the world’s list of top 10 economies. Great. Maybe now they can use some of their new wealth to feed their people, give them health care, house their homeless and educate the teeming masses of street kids? What’s that you say? First they have to build nuclear and space programmes? Silly me.
  • Speaking of India, a new Indian HIV campaign features cricket analogies: protect your stump from getting unwanted googlies.
  • Here’s a summary of the Rove/Plame affair from Executive Intelligence Review. Tom Tomorrow has his own take here:tmw-big
  • This is a photo of the world’s ugliest dog. No joke.uglydog



  • Good news! Thanks to Maggie Wood, who encouraged me to turn a recent blog post into an op-ed. My article on Miss Universe –which you can read here— will appear in The Toronto Star in coming days!