Blogging As Therapy

Sigh. Still a little down today. Let’s see if some blogging can lift my spirits…

Further to yesterday’s discussion of the role of government in banning legal products, the lovely Miss G. sends us this article about the nation of Bhutan instituting a national ban on smoking! The best line is this, “If Bhutan were a celebrity, it would be Johnny Depp—reclusive, a bit odd, but endearing nonetheless.”

Okay, for all you goth fans out there –and who isn’t one?– you need to visit the Gothic Name Generator. Henceforth you may all call me Balthazar Raine.

Brother Bhash sends us Guyana Radio. Oh, my poor embarrassing people.

Brother Hrab points us to this story about Pat Robertson openly calling for the American assassination of Hugo Chavez. Where to start with this? Firstly, the US government made it illegal some years ago to kill world leaders. (Like this needs to be codified.) So isn’t Robertson committing some kind of crime by encouraging others to commit a crime?

The best bit is when Robertson accuses Chavez of being a “strong-arm dictator.” Methinks the good reverend is confusing Venezuela with the USA and Chevez with Bush.

So did blogging cheer me up? Well, a little. Now on to the booze….