Child’s Play

Greetings, my droogies, from the inside of one of those Chinatown vans that
illegally ferry people from city to city for cheap, cheap prices. I’m
travelling from Toronto to Ottawa for a mere $25. This is one of those
cases where the free market fills a needed social niche: the provision of
affordable transportation against the wishes of the busline monopoly.

I am blogging in the dark on my Treo, using for the first time the blogger
interface rather than the hblogger programme. Hopefully you won’t
see a difference in thee final result.

Some of you possibly know that I had a fairly traumatic closing months of
2004, and have since been exploring activities many consider banal, but
which are new to me, all in an attempt to rehabilitate my senses and soothe
the aching soul.

Among such activities are driving a car and learning to play the sitar.
Another is the reading of comic books –or rather, “graphic novels.”
Sounds childish, I know. But I’m deriving a fair bit of satisfaction from
it. So, because I have nothing better to do on this journey, I’m going to
share with you my 3 favourite graphic novels:

3. KINGDOM COME – decades in the future, Superman has been driven into
retirement, Batman is almost a cripple, and a new generation of “heroes”
terrorizes the world like rampaging and spoiled Greek gods.

2. THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – decades in the future, Batman has retired, the
other heroes have been sent away, Superman is a government lackey and the
world is slipping into fascism. An ageing Bruce Wayne dons the cowl one
last time to bitch slap Superman.

1. WATCHMEN – the perfect comic book. Someone is killing off the world’s

Feel free to send me your recommendations for other great comics. Nothing kills time in a minivan better.

(Edited to add links and to fix grammar…. hey, the email interface ain’t perfect.)