Guest Blogger?

From Walter Kirn, the current guest blogger over at


“Psychoanalysis is outdated. If you really want to learn about yourself, take over a popular blog for a few days, scribble away about the odd ideas that no conventional publication would ever let you air, and wait about twenty minutes for the flood of e-mailed corrections, ass-kickings, character judgments, and other miscellaneous reactions that you’ve so roundly earned in certain cases and in other cases don’t deserve. “

The model of is fairly straight forward: I write something, usually either idiotic, masturbatory, enlightening, banal, quixotic and sometimes even pertinent. Then a host of my beloved regular visitors chimes in to either support, mock or rip apart my argument. I think it works pretty well and keeps me more-or-less sane, on-message and disciplined.

I’m toying with the idea of inviting some “guest bloggers” to post in this space, so you too can experience this unique form of psychoanalysis. Now most of you already have your own blogs, so you don’t need my space to have a voice. But if there is anyone out there who thinks this is a good idea or who might want to post something some day, say so in the comment link. Give me a yay or nay or something. (And yes, guest bloggers can post anonymously. I’ll just give you a generic guest password.)