Off To The Woods


“The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make us wonder at the possibility that there may be something to them we are missing.” – Nasser, Gamel Abdel (Courtesy of Kulpreet)

  • My week of doing things I never planned to do continues. I drove a car alone through downtown Toronto earlier –and enjoyed it– and later today, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going camping. Yes me, slave to wireless. Mind you, my Treo is loaded with a few episodes of Justice League, just in case I go into tech-withdrawal. And of course if there’s a mobile signal out there, I will be blogging from the woods, ’cause that’s who I am.
  • What’s in the news? Oh yes, The Monkey President has ironically stated that he approves of the teaching of “intelligent design” (the new name for Creationism) in public schools. Some of his apologists are saying that the President meant that the philosophy should be included in religion class and not necessarily put forward as a viable scientific alternative to Evolution in biology class. Poppycock. I know, you know and they know that he meant just that: he does not believe in Evolution, which is the foundation of modern biological science. Just another Republican attack on science, a la Climate Change.
  • So some brown folks are being prosecuted for selling over-the-counter cold medication to meta-amphetamine cookers. It seems they didn’t understand the drug lingo. You know what’s really a bitch in this story? The fact that it’s a crime to sell a legal product. This isn’t like restricting cigarettes and alcohol to those over 18; now, the law in some regions requires store operators to essentially be able to identify potential criminals! Sheesh. Enough with this retarded War on Drugs, one of Reagan’s many addled legacies.
  • Brother Hrab sends us this story about an Australian academic coming right out and saying Australia should henceforth limit its immigration only to Whites. Wow. Well, I’d much rather have the issue out in the open like this, rather than muttered at racist dinner tables around the country. Now is the time to see what the majority really thinks. The irony, of course, is that White Australians have no more valid a claim to that country than does any other group, especially the Aboriginals.
  • Mind you, Australia is suffering from a serious man shortage. Is it possible they only want white men, though?
  • The anti-immigration movement, always simmering in Western nations, is finding new life on the Internet and now especially in the wake of terrorism-related racism. This site is particularly concerning for its attempts at concealing its racism with seemingly reasoned discourse.
  • I have not commented on the London shooting of the Brazilian fellow who was mistaken for an Arab terrorist. What more can be said? London police have a recent history of anti-colour prejudice, so it’s not surprising that this happened. Perhaps the fellow should not have run. Perhaps he was justified in doing so. I don’t know. What I do know is that Brother Hrab is correct in pointing out this interesting parallel: “It’s the Iraq invasion in miniature — a country that had nothing do with 9/11, utterly destroyed; a man with no connection to the bombing,executed.”
  • Want to hear erie sounds from Saturn? Click here.
  • I don’t know what more to write about the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal. But there’s much more to the story than the mainstream is currently aware of. Many images have been censored.
  • Brother Hrab points us to this interesting development. American TV will (rightly) broadcast an interview with a Chechen leader, against protestations by Russian officials that the Americans are abetting terrorism! Now, what do you think would happen if Russian TV sought to interview Osama bin Laden? Hmm.
  • Because I care, I leave you with this.