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Greetings. I just had my heart ripped from my chest, sans anaesthesia. But that’s not a topic for a blog. So instead we shall begin banal commentary in 4, 3, 2…

Man, that women-only gym discussion really wore me out. I need a vacation from blogging! But there’s no rest for the self-absorbed, so oward and upward, my droogies.

Remember the world’s ugliest dog? Here’s another photo, courtesy of the LA Times. Insert “which one is the bitch” joke on your own time:


Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Sonya Thomas, one of the world’s champion eaters. She weighs 105 pounds. All I’ve got to say about that is this: this woman must use a good laxative.

This is a fascinating meme: the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Never heard of it? Have a good read.

And just ’cause I’m Indian and I like my wacky name, here’s a site that describes the meanings for a whole lot of Indian names. No, Raywat is not listed 🙁

As many of you know, I mostly prefer Batman to most other superheroes. And now an artist has put together a controversial Batman homoerotica exhibit. Sigh. Enough people already think I’m gay. I don’t need this!

On a remotely similar note, BushCo is attempting to block the creation of the .XXX domain suffix which, obviously, is reserved for pornographic websites. My personal bias is to support the products of free thought in all its forms, damned be the social fallout. I’ve written about pornography here and here. But instead of arguing about the inviolate nature of free speech and the unacceptability of the creation of “thought crime”, instead I want to make another point: if something is legal, then it’s legal, and the government should not be trying to eliminate it. Porn, as it stands, is a legal product to produce, distribute and possess. The government thus has no right to curtail its production, distribution or ownership.

I realize that there are other examples in our society where this is accepted. Tobacco is the big one. It remains a legal product, but all Western governments are trying really hard to eliminate it. And I’m all in favour of reducing the prevalence of smoking and getting smoke out of my face. The latter is a civil rights issue; I have a right to a smoke-free environment. The former is a public health issue; the government has a responsibility to educate the public about the deleterious effects of tobacco smoke. But you will note that the government does not attempt to reduce the production of tobacco. This is largely because big tobacco lines the pockets of all major political parties and serves as the economic foundation of several communities. Bottom line: if we really wanted to end smoking, we’d make it ilegal. Failing that, the government has no business trying to eliminate tobacco from our landscape.

The pornography argument is similar, I think. BushCo’s stated reason for delaying the creation of the .XXX suffix is to avoid helping the porn industry and to give them more time to strategize a way to destroy the industry. Since when is it government’s job to plot to destroy a legal domestic industry? I call shenanigans!