Whiny Stuff

Well, well. My first guest blogger writes a single post and gets a rollicking discussion going with, as of now, 10 comments. Meanwhile, I respond with a lengthy post on the signs of fascism and get nothing. Now I see where your loyalties lie, people! So today you get no depth, just smarminess. So there!

In the news….

  • A couple is wrongly identified by Faux News as having fundamentalist ties and becomes the target of community abuse. The response? They were acting on the best information at the time. Now where have I heard that defence before?
  • The bodyguard of the Ohio governor is demoted for having receieved, during work hours, a phone call from his stripper girlfriend. I hope there’s more to his misbehavings than just that, because isn’t a man entitled to receive a call from his girlfriend? Stripping is not a crime. Until it is, leave strippers and their boyfriends alone.
  • Regular readers of this blog will know that I retain a morbid fascination with cryptozoology. Hence I was thrilled when it was reported on the wires that a farmer has trapped the elusive El Chupacabra. This article includes a photo…. of a mutant kangaroo.

For those of you curious about my personal life (and I know you’re out there), I leave you with this charming photo of me and my beloved siblings, gathered at my cousin’s wedding earlier this summer: