Where to begin today, my droogies? How about with reports, summarized on this conservative blog, that the USA now imports more goods from China than it does from Canada? This is actually very big news. Historically, Canada and the USA have been mutually dependent trading partners, which is one of the reasons that a US President’s traditional first trip abroad is to Ottawa (a tradition broken, of course, by the current President In Chimp). The dethroning of Canada as America’s biggest source of imports reminds me of Pierre Trudeau’s failed, but valid, attempts more than two decades ago to diversify the Canadian export portfolio. It’s ironic that Canada’s present conservative ilk, traditional enemies of all things Trudeau, are calling for a return to his multipolar trade vision.

I forgot to mention that yesterday was the official international Talk Like A Pirate day. ‘Twas me bad, maties. So in honour of‘s favourite pirate lass –regular reader Michelle– we link to this story about a new pirate novel authored by the late Marlon Brando. Yep, fat ass pirates sailing from buffet to buffet.

Hey, I’m thinking of going to India for a month at the end of the year. Anyone else going to be there? Wanna hang out?

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Hw does everyone like the new colour scheme? Funky?