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Feh – deonandia


You know, I was up all night designing an online survey to deliver to you, my droogies. I was going to unveil it this morning in all is glory. It was going to run for months, at the conclusion of which I would have shared its findings, specifically what kinds of people are lurking about Deonandan.com; who are you (mostly) silent folk who click on this site 200 times a day?

Well, the survey provider keeps crashing, the bastards, even though I pay for their services. With any luck, they’ll have fixed the problem by tomorrow and I’ll be able to post the survey then. So stay tuned!

In the mean time, John J. sends us this story about how Indian victims of the Asian tsunami are still homeless. Now that all the initial international concern has worn off, no one seems to care about these people anymore. I suppose we can keep giving to the Red Cross, but I’m wondering where all the money is actually going? Hmmm.

The same source sends us this story about the newest in weird Chinese culinary experimentations. It seems some people are pretending to sell expensive tiger meat, but instead are actually selling donkey meat marinaded in tiger piss. Reminds me of a day I spent in Shenzhen 13 years ago. I ate deep fried rat on a stick (it looked like chicken!) while a fellow defecated over a sewer grate in front of me. Asia: land of hygiene. Ray: hours of puking.

And continuing with Deonandan.com‘s ongoing obsession with stories of a particular sexual bent, here’s a story of a Kenyan man from the town of Bomet arrested for allegedly screwing a goat. Here’s the money quote:

“District Commissioner Samuel Otieno, however, downplayed fears that Bomet is winning a dubious reputation as a hub of bestiality.

‘These things happen all over the world, there is nothing peculiar about Bomet,’ he said.”