Lick That Toast!

What is this? The US government holds a fund-raiser so citizens can pay to rebuild Iraq out of their own pockets? And they only raised $600?!!!! Oh man, I don’t know where to begin with that one. Best if I just leave it alone.

There’s a bill before the US House that would permit the automatic collection of DNA from anyone arrested, but not yet convicted, of a crime in the USA. The DNA would enter a national database. Wow. For a nation that rejects the idea of a national ID card to nonetheless permit the creation of a national DNA database points in only one direction: the road to confused fascism. The government wants your DNA? Just arrest you for jay-walking or loitering and drop the charges a few hours later. Of course, for fools like me who have already shipped our DNA off into the postal ether, this is hardly a concern.

Meanwhile, Cousin Ajay sends us this story about a new technology that lets your toaster imprint the morning news or weather report on your toast. That’s right: your toast. Just imagine the fun. News of a massacre? Cover it with strawberry jam. A flood? Dunk it in your coffee. Britney Spears gossip? Smother it with butter and… you get the picture.