Maybe I Should Just Get The Ass-less Chaps And Be Done With It

Good afternoon, my droogies. I’m back from a fun weekend in Toronto where I overdosed on all things lesbian: dinner with some lesbian friends, followed by the birthday party of a girl I met on lavalife who is now a lesbian, followed by yet another birthday party of yet another lesbian friend. The funniest part was during party #1, when a woman said to me, “I feel for you. It must be hard being gay in Ottawa.” It’s understandable, of course, since I was looking particularly glorious that night.

Damn, though, that’s twice in one week. I need a girlfriend.

The ride back to Ottawa was with yet another group of very nice young people (some of whom are probably reading this right now). One fellow helped put some things into perspective. I’ve lived a fairly adventurous life, having sought out and engaged in a variety of extreme activities in extreme parts of the world. But for some people (in fact, sadly, a great many people) the adventure comes to them. This fellow told of being smuggled out of Afghanistan on camel-back during the Russian occupation, and of living in a refugee camp in Pakistan and India; happily he is now a well-adjusted law student right here in Ottawa. His refugee experience is the norm for a large number of human beings, and it behooves us to remember this.

Andrew Sullivan draws our attention to this book, with the commentary: when does a political ideology become the equivalent of a religion? When it attempts to indoctrinate 4-8 year olds.

Now here is an interesting and scary story. It appears that the US military has been training dolphins to attack humans by using toxic darts. (Who knows how they fire the darts? Male dolphins do have prehensile penises, I’m told.) But in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, some of these armed dolphins have escaped into the wild, and may be hunting human beings! Here’s some fantastic commentary from

“What’s next, teaching cats ninjitsu?”

“What’s with this ‘could be’ carrying toxic guns shit? Did the dolphins just pick up a couple of dart guns that were lying around? Did they raid the arms locker in a drunken rage?”

“I said I want sharks with friggin’ laser beams on their head, not dolphins with toxic darts! “