Some Cheese With That Whine?

Sorry, folks, no biting political insights today. Still recovering from a work-related all-nighter, and am becoming progressively discouraged by the growing pile of work before me. Stupid me, I keep adding to it. In addition to things I actually get paid for, I’ve now agreed to: help start a research network in Trinidad, help start an NGO in Calcutta, judge a literary contest in Trinidad, and judge a science paper contest here in Ottawa– all within the next 3 months. No wonder I now sleep on my couch, fully dressed. Who’s got time to make the bed or change into pyjamas? Or to, you know, have a personal life?

The up side of overwork is that it has kicked an unused part of brain back to activity. I now have two ideas for new books…. the question now is, when will I have time to write them? Maybe if I cut back on the blogging….

Oh, one more anecdote before I dive into the pile of papers on the desk. Continuing with the theme of the Universe mocking my stated (and genuine!) heterosexual orientation, I came home last night to discover in my mailbox…. a free sample box of tampons. Thanks, God. Appreciate it. Love ya.