Who Should Run The World?

Sent in by Mieke K, apparently copped from The New Yorker:

Cousin Ajay sends us this story about the French government providing financial incentives for French women to reproduce more. My male droogies, who knows of a cheap charter flight to France?

Ooooh, this is sweet. To watch Bill Maher verbally give Tucker Carlson an anal fisting, download this clip. Why does Carlson continue to be given his own shows? The man serves no purpose.

On a similar note, watch Phil Donahue battle with Bill O’Reilly in this clip. The combatants make reference to someone named Jeremy Glick. Glick is not this guy, but rather the son of a man killed in 9/11. Glick has nonetheless become a peace activist, and thus, to O’Reilly, a traitor. In an appearance on Fox, Glick was demeaned and threatened by O’Reilly; the transcript of their encounter is here.

The BBC is doing this cool online poll in which you are asked to pick 11 people to run the world. Here were my picks, chosen from the available list:

JK Rowling
Balthasar Garzon
Steve Jobs
Hugo Chavez
Vaclav Havel
Bill Clinton
Desmond Tutu
Noam Chomsky
Aung San Suu Kyi
Dala Lama
Nelson Mandela

Make your own list by clicking here.