Gettin’ Old

Greetings from Via train #42. Gods, train travel is so overrated. No biting insights or poor math today. Rather, I just wanted to share the following observation:

This morning on Much More Music (ahhh, the ‘rents and their big screen cable TV) was playing a video from the band Bauhaus, called “Bela Lugosi’s dead.” Now, I’ve been a mild Bauhaus fan all my life, though, truth be told, more for the fashion than for the music. (Shuddup, I’m not gay.)

Looking at the band members in the video, it reminded me of how I used to try to look when I was a teenager. The image influences remain with me today. Then I noticed the date of the video: 1979.

And I did the math. Yes, my droogies, the uber cool gentlemen who served as the template for everything I considered cool and fashionable image-wise are now pushing 50 and/or 60.

Ye gods, I feel old.

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