Google The Moon

(Note: Before reading this post, please consult the very serious disclaimer.)

Oh my God, it’s 6:AM and I’m blogging. I need a life. And because I have a cold, I can’t even go for a run. So much for my much vaunted fitness level. Got some random things to talk about today…

I’m still watching ABC’s Lost, though I’m concerned that the mysteries will soon become less interesting. Here’s a new clue, however: this photo shows the Dharma swan logo on the shark (top left) and on the wreckage of the plane (right). What does this mean? It suggests that the crash was not an accident, but all part of the great Dharma plan. By the way, it seems to me that the markings on the Dharma logo are in fact I Ching hexagrams. What does this mean? Who knows.

Google now offers a searchable map of the moon at Want to see what the moon is really made of? Go to the map and zoom in all the way.

Speaking of google, Kevin H. tells us that if you type “failure” into a google search, the first find is quite enlightening. This is a case of google bombing.

This is great. It’s a blog maintained by real clerks at a porn shop. My favourite entry is the one titled, “Interesting Porn Phenomena.”

So NBC’s The Today Show had a segment rightfully deriding President Bush for staging a rehearsed interview with soldiers in Iraq. Then they cut to a reporter doing a story on flooding in New Jersey, while sitting in a canoe atop the flooded city streets! What the reporter hadn’t planned on was two dudes walking in front of the camera, clearly showing that the water was ankle deep! Talk about staged performances. See the clip here.

Brother Hrab sends us this link: It’s a website ostensibly dedicated to showing how unfair Canada is to well qualified immigrants. He also found reference to the site in this convoluted letter to the Times of India. Some snooping on my part reveals that the owner of the site has gone to some lengths to hide his identity. The site is registered with a domain proxy in Scottsdale, Arizona. What does all this mean? Not sure, but I’m suspicious. It seems to me that this might be a front for yet another supremacist group trying to discourage immigration, this time by pretending to act in the best interests of potential immigrants.

And what would a blog entry on be without a bestiality story. Read about today’s bunny-fucker here. (For those of you new to this site, I am not advocating bestial behaviour; quite the opposite, really. Rather, I collect these news items as exemplars of my thesis that such episodes are being increasingly reported in the media.)

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