In Lieu of Flowers

This is the very first real blog entry using blogger‘s email interface. This will mean nothing to most of you, but to me it’s immensely cool, as it means I will be able to blog from ever more remote parts of the world, using only an email account.

Thanks to Brother Hrab for sending us this obituary from The Chicago Tribune. The key
bits are the words after, “in lieu of flowers”.

Regular readers of this blog will know that ever since 2000, I’ve been predicting that Al Gore will be, not only a Presidential candidate, but the winner of the US Presidential campaign in 2008. Despite his comments to the press earlier this week denying any presidential ambitions, it seems the pundit-sphere is finally coming around to my view. The Huffington Post blog is starting to see it my way, too.

That’s all I got today. See you tomorrow!