Invade the USA? Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Update on that sample of DNA I sent out into the ether: the batch has been received by the National Geographic elves and my DNA has been extracted. Now we await the results!

Today’s bestiality link is an unpleasant one. (Not that the others weren’t unpleasant, but this one is… well, you’ll see.) Bottom line: this appears to be a real and prevalent phenomenon.

So apparently more and more employers are blocking their employees from viewing blogs –like this one!– while at work. I suppose it’s an employer’s right to deny their employees’ almost any external distraction. It’s interesting, though, that blogging is now lumped together with pornography. In blogs like this one, of course, the lumping is appropriate.

Little known fact: some Canadian types are seriously trying to bring a suit against George W. Bush for his role in advocating torture. Of course, the suit will not stand, since it’s against international law to prosecute a sitting head of state. But that didn’t stop the USA from prosecuting Saddam –they just invaded Iraq and replaced him as head of state. Hmmm, could that be a solution to Bush’s immunity?

Meanwhile, tonight Condi Rice is doing something or other a few blocks down the street from me on Parliament Hill. If it weren’t so bloody cold –and if I weren’t so bloody lazy– I’d head down there and report back. But I won’t.

Darth Vadum sends us this story about first day of classes at exorcism school. Lessons include cleaning up green puke, counter-rotating spinning heads, and not porking the possessed girl even when she invites you in that sexy demonic voice.

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