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Here are we are constantly watching for signs of the impending wars between the USA and Iran and Syria. Due to the troubles the neocons are having at home, however, it is my stated belief that Washington will intead project power toward Iran via its proxy, Israel. This right-leaning website offers an interesting tidbit of information regarding a recent presentation given by a representative of the Iranian government, claiming that Israel needs to be removed from the planet. The website claims, foolishly I think, that the Iranians are trying to foment a limited war with the USA, knowing full well that Persian resilience far outstrips the American will to wage war. While I officially think this is all drivel, strangr things have happened.

Eat these to avoid cancer.

A new study finds that battered women tend to have disproportionately more sons than daughters. The authors suggest that “the women are unwitting pawns of a perverse evolutionary mechanism that polluted the population with more wife-beaters among our ancestors. ” It’s a fascinating thought, though fraught with problems. Give the article a read.

After the recent terror blast in India, someone actually asked me if I would reconsider my upcoming trip to that country. I was stunned. I hadn’t realized people still think this way. India is a nation of close to a billion people, and a few score were tragically murdered by terrorists last week. My odds are still remarkably good that I will be untouched. Moreover, India has been the target of terror attacks for decades, by Sikhs, Muslims and any number of separatist and rebel groups we’ve never heard of. There is nothing new happening there, with respect to public security, except for greater Western interest in the phenomenon. In fact, my very first day in New Delhi, nine years ago, was punctuated by a story on page 12 of the morning paper: “Twelve Congressmen Hacked to Death in Andrah Pradesh.” (Andrah is a state in India.) Terror campaigns are so common, and yet comparatively marginal, that they warrant page 12 treatment. So, yes, I’m still going to India.