Political Football

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The book Desilicious, which contains my story “Destroyer of Worlds“, has a new review.

Here’s an important story. The ongoing torture of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers is now being attributed to “stress.” Memo to the blowhards still claiming that this is no different from frat hazing or that because they are torturing less that Saddam would have, it should be overlooked: fuck off.

And how many of you are aware that ever since Al Gore invented the Internet, it has effectively remained in possession and control of the US government? According to the linked article, the US feds have refrained from passing control of the Internet to the UN or another world body. Can’t say that I blame them. Why give up such enormous power after having paid for built the damned network in the first place? But I hope they realize the futility of their grabbery. It’s only a matter of months/years before the Chinese or Indians erect powerful enough file servers to essentially wrest control away from the West. Then watch the Texan six-guns come a-blazing with characteristic pointless bravado. It is in everyone’s best interest to move toward a multipolar administration of the Internet now, rather than allow it to become an inevitable political football.

Sorry for today’s brevity. So very, very busy. Tomorrow I will grace you with my uninformed theory of what’s really happening on the island in Lost.