Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

(Note: Before reading this post, please consult the very serious disclaimer.)

You know, it all started as an innocent epidemiological observation about the seeming increase in prevalence of human-animal sexual acts. The question I posed was a valid scientific one: is this seeming increase due to: a true rise in the cases of pet-molestation, an increase in media reporting of such molestation, or the power of the internet and its army of pervs (ahem) to collate such reports? My strong suspicion is that there has always been a substantial base number of such events, and that media sensitivity (or society’s greater willingness to discuss such issues) has amplified the effect. What is new, however, is the growing number of online communities dedicated to sharing information on how to go about gettin’ jiggy with our four-legged friends. I think that’s where the true sociological phenomenon is to be observed.

Regardless, several people have pointed out to me that perhaps it’s not a wise idea to be discussing dog-, pig- and horse-fucking in the same space with my cv and family photos, especially since my clients, colleagues, aunties and employers tend to visit this site. (As an aside, during a job interview with a company in San Francisco, the interviewer asked me, “So, Dr. Deonandan. what exactly qualifies you as a ‘professor of mad, mad monkey love’?” [such is stated in my guestbook]. I replied, “You’d have to ask the monkey.”)

So maybe in the interest of decorum and maintainin a professional demeanour, I should desist in discussing graphically the more lurid of society’s pasttimes…..


Here’s Dan Savage’s take on dog-fucking.