Tards, Sperm Donors and More Dog-Fucking

(Note: Please, I implore you to read the very serious Deonandan.com disclaimer before reading this post.)

In our on-going quest for daily dog-fucking stories, we occasionally come across some truly distasteful shit. What’s more distasteful than dog-fucking, you ask? Well how about dog-fucking as a form of torture? There have been repeated reports of dogs being trained to rape humans. Typically, such dogs are used by the secret police of certain Latin American governments. But here is a really disturbing tale of South African freelance torturers doing the deed.

As I’ve contended on this site, there appears to be a dramatic worldwide increase in the prevalence of barnyard sex acts. Maybe it’s just that they are being reported more regularly now. Or maybe it’s just that the Internet now provides an easy means of collecting such stories. Or maybe it’s a case of pervs (and concerned citizens like me) finally noticing and collating them. Who knows. But it now seems that the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency has also noted a seeming rise in cases of bestiality in that country. Please note that the site on which that article resides appears to have a specific morality-based political agenda, so read with caution.

(And for any new readers here: no I am not advocating dog-fucking. Quite the opposite, in fact. I discuss the topic here only to explore whether this is a case of increased reporting or of an actual increase in the behaviour.)

While we’re on disturbing subjects, this one is strange for me to present, given that I have committed a portion of my career to the promotion of children’s mental health. Here is a website called The Tard Blog, written by “a real life special education teacher” about her mentally ill students. Some of it is hilarious. Some of it is both hilarious and genuinely disturbing, like this entry. For those offended by my use of the word “tard”, I do apologize; I am only quoting the site, and of course would never advocate the use of such a disparaging term to describe mentally challenged children. It has long been my thesis, however, that words only have the power that we imbue them with, so I am a proponent of outing supposedly nasty epithets and of making them harmless.

And today we end off with a story I’ve been predicting for years. A couple of times in my past, I’ve been approached by single women asking me to be the sperm donor for their intended pregnancies. Each time, I have declined for a number of reasons. One of the minor reasons was that, regardless of what papers he signs, it will never be clear what rights and responsibilities the donor/father will have with respect to his child. One of my lawyer ex-girlfriends found this attitude short-sighted because she felt that once a donor signs away his parental rights and responsibilities, they can never be revisited upon him; it’s a closed story, in her opinion.

Now comes this story from Sweden, land of rampant bestiality. A man donated his sperm to a lesbian couple and now, 13 years later, is being sued for child support. I call bullshit.