Perhaps it’s due to having slipped from my militaristic workout regime (due to the insane amounts of work I’ve been doing of late). Or maybe it’s due to the recent infusion of both mother’s high-carb home cooking and endless amounts of conference food. Or maybe, God forbid, it’s a sign of old age. But as of this morning I, Dr Ray, the “Professor of mad, mad monkey love”, am heavier than I’ve been in 10 years, weighing in at a whopping, if underwhelming, 164 pounds. Maybe it’s all hair.

Thanks to Brother Hrab for pointing out that the Mediadirt blog is now offline. Hmm, we speculate, could it be that the fearless muckrakers behind the lines of Canada’s top media offices have been found out and canned? Stay tuned, as I am sure this story is not over.

I return now to my economics workshop at the Marriott hotel in Toronto. Update: it seems the toilet seats are not heated. Rather, for some reason yesterday, they were filled with hot water! Say it with me now: steaming turds.