Grandpa Wat

Continuing with the recent theme of this blog, here’s today’s link about another kind of animal love.

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Last night I went to an adut recreational gymnastics drop-in class, my first attempt at a practical full-body workout since I gave up martial arts five years ago. Mind you, I did not expect the definition of “adult” to be 16-20 year olds. So I was easily 15-20 years older than the average age of the class. Still, it was a lot of fun, though extremely physically challenging.

When we –Miren C. and I– first arrived, we mistakenly assembled in the wrong part of the gym, which was being used by the Ottawa University cheerleading team. Now, Miren and I are very fit and muscular fellows. But these cheerleading dudes had intimidating Dolph Lungren-esque physiques, and the dudettes were all babe-ishly fat-free –we were terrified that they were the typical adult drop-in gymnastics students. Whew! I’ve never been so relieved to be told to get lost.

Anyway, the actual class was challenging but not insurmountable. It’s sad to note that 10 years ago, I might have breezed through the strenuous warm-up and had energy left over to try every gymnastics station 11 times each. Nowadays, I’m just happy to be able to walk out without assistance.

But I’m aching like a grandpa this morning!