Marry A Bear? What The…?

(Note: Before reading this post, please consult the very serious disclaimer.)

Today’s perv link is actually a discussion of the sexual fortunes of the animal kingdom… without the involvement of people. The money quote: “A male lion held a record of 86 sexual intercourses in 24 hours. ” Aieee. I feel soooo inadequate now.

Apparently, you can get a real honest-to-god quasi-celebrity, like Mr T or Boy George (and a lot of losers I’ve never heard of), to leave a message on your answering machine. Click here!

Here’s an obscure article reporting that a re-created version of the 1918 Spanish flu virus has been allowed out of the lab. Sure, that’s shocking and all. But I’m more impressed that they were able to re-create the virus at all! How come nobody told me?

Well, it’s election time in Canada again. At present, I’m predicting a Conservative minority government. But things might and will change in coming weeks.

You know, it’s easy to mock the political Right (and fun, too!) for its inclusion of loony wingut bigots and religious zealots. But the Left has its idiots, too. Here’s a story of political correctness gone mad: In Provincetown, Mass., an elected official succeeded in getting removed an historic painting depicting the Pilgrims voting on the Mayflower Compact when they first landed in Provincetown …because the painting only showed men voting, which is, apparently, offensive, albeit historically accurate.

Stories like that make me want to move to a shack in the Yukon and marry a bear.