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They Call Me The Wankmaster – deonandia

They Call Me The Wankmaster

(Note: Before reading this post, please consult the very serious Deonandan.com disclaimer.)

Charley Reese has a good idea: next election, vote out every incumbent in the country! He’s talking about the USA, but it works in Canada, too. Regardless of party affiliation, just don’t cast a single vote for anyone presently sitting in office. How cool would that be?

Stolen from a link from Andrew Currie’s website, I present to you the Ghetto Shiznit Name Generator. From now on, you may call me, Wankmaster D.

A South Indian film starlet is being villified in her native land for daring to suggest that consensual pre-marital sex is okay. Can you believe this? Just in time for my trip to India next January. Of course, part of the fun of anything is its taboo-like nature. As pre-marital sex increasingly becomes mainstream in conservative parts of the world, pervs must turn to more extreme forms of sexual behaviour…. like dog fucking. But not this dog, ’cause he’s dead. (Of course, dead dog fucking might be the next big thing after regular dog fucking becomes mainstream, as seems to be happening!)

And speaking of sex with bitches, Debra Lafave, the “hot” teacher accused of having sex with her 14 year old student, gets off with house arrest because, in the words of her attorney, “To place an attractive young woman in that kind of hell hole is like placing a piece of raw meat in with the lions.” Hmmm…. so if you’re good looking enough, you shouldn’t be sent to prison for a sex crime. Noted. (He says, doing his best Zoolander pose in the reflection of the computer monitor.)

So, John J. and I went to an Asian Heritage Month party at the Indonesian embassy last night. (Yes, 6 months too early…. or too late, depending on how you do the math.) Here’s the great thing about the Indonesian diplomatic mission: no matter what they do or for whom they do it, they always provide the best spring rolls in town. Yumm!

We pressed the flesh and got some great PR for the big art show next week. Yours truly even got to get up on stage and plug the event. So I can now check off, “speak at the Indonesian embassy” from my lifetime to-do list. (It’s up there between “sex with conjoined twins” and “tango with a monkey.”)

Don’t forget, those of you in the Ottawa area, to come out next Wednesday night. Details of the event are at http://www.milanottawa.ca/ (click on “upcoming”). The official event poster is here.

Wankmaster out.