Popular Science has published the top 10 worst jobs in science. Interestingly, it’s the #3 spot that is most poignant: biology teacher in Kansas.

I love it that online news services still have a sense of humour. Check out the title of this MSN news story.

Deonandan.com has commented several times upon the avian flu possible pandemic. Yet even I, known for my hyperbole, hysteria and histrionics, have never gone so far as to compare the epidemic to a nuclear holocaust! This is a good time to announce to the world that yesterday I got my flu shot. Have you done so?

Given the kerkuffle over the morality/science underlying vaccinations (yes, there’ s a kerfuffle), maybe it’s time for another Deonandan.com survey on the topic? The current survey is almost done; Iwill close it off at the end of the month and publish the results. So if you haven’t already done so, please go ahead and take the survey!

My big news for this week is that I have signed up for a car sharing programme called Virtue Car (or Vrtucar). The model is simple: all members collectively have access to 30 or so vehicles in the city. You pick up and drop off each car at its assigned station, and stations are scattered throughout the city. We each pay a nominal monthly fee, then a small hourly rate when accessing the vehicles. It ends up being uber-cheap, when compared to renting or owning a car.

Last night, I signed out a Vrtucar for the first time and drove to friend Pegatha T.’s place to attend a Hallowe’en festivity. At the event, I absconded with a bag of books, magazines and candy. Instead of lugging the bag from the Vrtucar station to my place, I first dropped off the bag to my apartment building and cached it in the corner of my poorly lit and unattended lobby. Then I parked the car and walked the 10 minutes back home…. where I discovered that someone had absconded with my books and candy!

So somewhere in my building is a well read thief with tooth decay. Hmmmm.