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Christmas Madness – deonandia

Christmas Madness

Office parties rule. I’ve attended six of them in the past 2 weeks. (One of the joys of working in a hospital is that every unit, wing, floor, department and profession has a separate party.) What kind of an e-host would I be if I didn’t share some compromising images? Here’s a pic of me tweaking the nipple of my former boss/client Dr. David M., one of the world leaders in evidence-based medicine and clinical trials methodology. (David is drinking water here; I’m the one who’s drunk off his bean):

My present employer, the Centre of Excellence for Child & Youth Mental Health, had a special game for its party: everyone voted to see which employees were “most likely to…” You know the drill. Click on the image to get a bigger one, so you can see which of these awards I won: