Iggy Goes Down

Anju G sends us a list of the 2005 Miss World contestants. Now that’s time well spent! Any bets on the winner? Of course, I’ll be rooting for Miss Guyana, Miss India and Miss Canada. ‘Cause that’s the generous guy that I am.

So Michael Ignatieff, supposed king in waiting, has officially joined the political ranks by declaring his candidacy in the upcoming federal election. Though I was initially forgiving of Iggy’s stances, I’m less sanguine about him these days, as I am reminded of his many insipid and decidedly poorly thought-out declarations regarding American foreign policy and the politics of power in general. That great bastion of rational thought, Brother Margolis, sums Ignatieff up well:

“Michael Ignatieff, much ballyhooed Harvard professor of human rights, has been parachuted into a safe Liberal Party riding in Toronto, Canada, as the party’s new golden boy in upcoming elections. Having debated or appeared on TV panels with Ignatieff, I find his being touted as a future Canadian prime minister revolting. As a so-called human rights expert, Ignatieff is a disgrace. He opposed stopping Serbian ethnic cleansing, denigrated Ukrainian independence, eagerly supported the trumped-up war against Iraq, and now defends torture of anti-American suspects. He appears always ready and willing to preach whatever party line will advance his career, and kiss the establishment hand that feeds him. We have enough like him in the lap dog media.”

Rick Salutin also has some excellent observations of Iggy’s nature. Here’s his conclusion:

“I think the moment a person enters politics, the realm of power proper, is an apt time to examine his attitudes to power. Michael Ignatieff has often presented himself as a gadfly and a leftist (I do have trouble with leftists who need to keep reminding you how left they are). Yet here he’s managed to emerge on the right of a party that is famously, cravenly centrist. A neat party trick, you could say.”

Well, my DNA analysis has finally returned from the National Geographic labs. If any of you out there is a close relative, listen closely because our DNA is very similar, indeed identical where the genographic study is concerned. It seems I am of Haplogroup H (M52), which means that I am… wait for it…. Indian. Yep, $100 and weeks of cutting edge 21st century technology confirm that I am a brown dude. Eh, bhagwan! Read the summary PDF here.

I leave you with this funny video: Dance, white boy, dance!