Oily Dudes

Today I saw Syriana, the George Clooney movie about the power and politics associated with the oil industry in the Middle East. At least one of my companions didn’t enjoy it, but I thought it was brilliant, and I wish the filmmaking world would continue to give me experiences like this one, where nothing is dumbed down. Interestingly, one of the unexpectedly educational aspects of the film is its modern portrayal of key Arab and Persian nations. It would do a mainstream American audience well, for example, to see the nightclub scenes of Tehran, or to hear Beirut get its props as “the Paris of the Middle East.” Too often, these places are portrayed as neolithic Talibanized cultures.

Back in real life, a most retarded circumstance has arisen. Reports have it that the Bush Administration has walked out of the UN Climate Change Conference in Montreal after former President Clinton was allowed to speak. Further reports have it that Prime Minister Martin was warned beforehand by the US state department that such crap would happen if Clinton were allowed on the podium. So it is confirmed: the so-called “free world”is led by 6 year olds.