Show Me Your Papers!

I should have known better than to tell a magic story on a blog known for science dogmatism. Sheesh. Meanwhile, here’s the round-up:

Brother Hrab sends us this scary story of a bill proposed in Ohio that would allow police to arrest individuals if they fail to produce identification. “Show me your papers!” Police state, thine name is USA.

Brother Hrab also sends us this list of the people pardoned by Bush The Younger this Xmas season. It’s an interesting list, heavy on people convicted of drug offences. Interesting for a Republican president, no?

Remember the Derek Walcott fiction awards in Trinidad a while back? The awards for which I served as a judge in the short fiction section? Indira R. sends us photos and news reports of the evening’s events here and here. I wish I could have been there!

Nasty Nick B. sends us these creepy comics produced by the US government as propaganda during the invasion of Grenada.

To bring back an old trope, here of course is our regular bestiality link, suggesting yet again that something is up in the world.

The end of 2005 is fast approaching, which means I must soon gather my thoughts for my traditional end-of-year post about the things I am thankful for. Shmaltzy, yes, but ultimately useful. So stay tuned, droogs and droogettes.