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Title Shmitle – deonandia

Title Shmitle

Some blogs of note: Dogooder.ca (a collection of reports from Ottawa students doing development work abroad) and RockyNothernShepherd.Blogspot.com, the blog ot Peter Levesque, my coworker and one of Wednesday’s generous art patrons.

Two teens commit a double murder, and days later snoopy types find their blogs. The best part is that the girlie murderer writes in her profile, “books are gay.” Enter this comment from the DailyRotten.com forum:

From: janedoe [jane]
Date: 2-Dec-2005 02:20

Books ARE gay. You have no idea how many times a book has sodomized me. Fucking Do-me decimal system.

I nearly pissed myself.

Meanwhile, squirrels in Russia have swarmed and killed a stray dog. Next they’ll be hanging out in malls and… and… and skateboarding!

I leave you with this: scientific evidence suggesting that crazy people tend to be nymphomanic. Finally, I now understand my dating patterns.